At Blackrock Credit Union, the health and safety of our members and staff is of paramount importance. That is why we have made some temporary changes. These include changes to our opening hours:
Monday – Tuesday 10am – 12pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday -Friday 10am – 12pm
Saturday – 10am – 12pm

Also, as an alternative to visiting the Blackrock Credit Union, we would encourage you to email info@blackrockcu.ie or phone us on 01-2831034. You can also drop documents through the letter box at any stage. New member meetings are by appointment only. Please contact the office to arrange an appointment.

Need a loan?

We are aware that some of our Members will be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in ways that will mean they need quick access to credit to support them through this difficult time. This form is designed so that Members can apply for a loan remotely if they require assistance. Following submission of this form a member of staff will be in contact by phone to discuss your application.


Worried about making your loan repayments?

The Covid-19 outbreak is a developing situation that we are monitoring closely but we are aware that some of our members will be impacted in ways that will affect their ability to meet loan repayments in the coming weeks. If you find yourself in this position, we are committed to supporting you.

The Credit Union always has and will continue to have a constructive approach to support members who are struggling to meet their payments during this difficult time. Please click on the Loan Flexibility Form below, fill it in and click submit. Once you have submitted the form, a member of staff will be in contact by phone to discuss your personal circumstances.

Please understand that we are receiving a high volume of requests but will contact all Members as quickly as possible and will support our Members through this challenging time