Blackrock Credit Union Limited also offers all eligible members insurance services. Some of these insurance services are paid for directly by the Credit Union. The insurance cover currently provided for by Blackrock Credit Union Limited in respect of eligible members is:

  • Loan Protection
  • Life Savings Insurance
  • Death Benefit Insurance

Loan Protection Insurance

In Blackrock Credit Union, the outstanding loan balances of eligible members are automatically insured at no direct cost to the member. This means the loan debt will be wiped clean in the event of the member’s death. Members can take out a credit union loan in the full confidence that their dependents will not have to pay the loan off on death and total and permanent disability for any occupation. Banks and other financial institutions charge a separate insurance premium on top of loan repayments for this service.

Loan Protection Insurance is payable subject to policy terms and conditions.

  • The insurance benefit payable is the amount of the member’s outstanding loan balance
  • Cover ceases on the member’s 80th birthday

Disability Benefit

The maximum loan cover for disability is €40k. This protection ceases on the eligible members 60th birthday.

Life Savings Insurance

One of the great benefits of credit union membership is the free insurance provided on savings and loans and members frequently ask about it. In brief, upon the death of a member, his or her savings balance is increased and the outstanding loan balance is cleared so the family are not responsible for the debt (within certain limits and with certain conditions).

What is life savings protection insurance?

Life savings insurance is the life insurance cover a credit union provides for its eligible members (free of charge) as an additional incentive for them to save regularly in the credit union. The amount of insurance benefit to which a member is entitled is in proportion to the amount of savings the member has and their age with benefits payable only on the death of a member (some terms and conditions apply). As of 1st January 2021 the maximum life savings insurance benefit payable that a member may be entitled to will reduce from €12,700 to €5,000.

How does life savings protection insurance work?

The amount of insurance benefit, which an insurable member is entitled to, is in direct proportion to their savings and their age at the time the money is lodged. In your credit union account every €1 you save gains additional insurance in accordance with the following table:

Age at time of Lodgement Cover provides for
Up to six months 25c of insurance
Before 55 €1 of insurance
55 to 59 incl. 75c of insurance
60 to 64 incl. 50c of insurance
65 to 70 incl. 25c of insurance
Over 70 zero insurance


At 55th Birthday Balance €2,000
At 60th Birthday Balance €3,000
At 65th Birthday Balance €3,500
At 70th Birthday Balance €4,000
At Date of Death (age 72) €4,500

Following the member’s death, his or her next of kin or nominated person will be entitled to the members savings of €4,500 in this example, plus an additional €3120.50 insurance payout, total €7620.50.

This amount is calculated by the Irish League of Credit Unions and is based on the age, and timing of savings made by the deceased member, prior to his/her death.
If you have any questions on this or any credit union insurance product please contact us at 01 2831034 or email:

The maximum amount that can be held in savings accounts (deposit and share accounts) is €22,700.

Avoid your Account becoming dormant

Under Credit Union Rule 22 (now amended to Rule 19) if your account becomes inactive for 3 years and we are unable to contact you within that period it may become a dormant account. It is in your own interest to keep your account active by conducting regular transactions.

The account maybe reactivated by conducting transactions and supporting it with photographic I.D. e.g. passport/drivers licence/birth certificate for children and confirmation of address (not more than 3 months old) e.g. utility bill/revenue documentation.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions on our Member Insurance, please call us on 01 283 1034, email or drop in to our office in Blackrock.