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cartoon-coupleBlackrock Credit Union lend from €1 to €120,000 – make your dreams a reality. Remember – flexible repayment termsno penalty for out of course payments, plus your loan is insured*.
*Terms and conditions apply.

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Use the Loan Calculator below to see what you can afford, your potential repayments and make a quick loan enquiry.

First time borrower loan at 6% (6.15% APR) keyboard_arrow_down


We want to welcome back members who have not borrowed with us for some time and to introduce new members to the benefits of a loan with Blackrock Credit Union.

This low rate loan is available to new members, members who have never borrowed with Blackrock Credit Union and members with no current loan balance, who have completed a loan with us at least five years ago. Members can borrow up to €120,000 at only 6% (6.15% APR)

Personal Loankeyboard_arrow_down


At Blackrock Credit Union we understand that the reasons for needing a personal loan are as varied as life itself. That’s why we have three different loan offerings for our members.

Our One for One Loan has a great low interest rate of 6% (6.15%APR) and is perfect if you are looking to borrow a small amount (up to €1,000) for a short time. It’s for any occasion – whatever you might need and you’ll have paid it back within a year.

With our Personal Loan, you can borrow €1,000-€5,000 at 11.9% (12.6% APR).

For loans from €5,000 – €75,000 you can avail of our Standard Loan rate at 9.9% (10.34% APR )

Flexible finance for your new carkeyboard_arrow_down


If you’re thinking about buying a new or used car, the Blackrock Credit Union is a great choice for a loan. Whether you’re looking for your first car or upgrading the family car, come and talk to us about a car loan at 9.9% (10.34% APR) for loans between €5,000 – €15,000

Car Loan Plus When you think the car of your dreams is out of reach, it may not be. Come and talk to us at Blackrock Credit Union about a Car Loan Plus from 8.2%  (8.49% APR) on borrowings between €15,000 – €75,000

Secured Loankeyboard_arrow_down


This low loan rate of 6% (6.15% APR) allows you to hold onto your savings and use them as security for a loan. This means that members get to keep the insurance and get a dividend from their savings as well as benefiting from a lower interest rate than a regular loan.

Holiday Loan keyboard_arrow_down


Whether you’re looking for THE ‘if not now, then when’ ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME HOLIDAY LOAN, or THE ‘I think I might break if I don’t get away soon’ SHORT BREAK LOAN, come and talk to Blackrock Credit Union about a holiday loan at 9.9% (10.34%APR)

Home Improvement Loan keyboard_arrow_down


Doing up the house? Whether you’re looking to extend, do-up or need new windows, come and talk to us about a Home Improvement Loan at 9.9% (10.34% APR) on borrowings between €5,000 – €20,000

If you’re dreaming about making your house bigger, brighter or warmer, the Home Renovation Loan is the one for you. It’s for borrowings of €20,000 – €120,000* at a great low rate of 8.2%  (8.49% APR ).

Medical Loan keyboard_arrow_down


Sometimes medical issues arise when you least expect them or perhaps you’re planning an elective treatment? Taking out a medical loan at 8.2% (8.49% APR) up to €40,000 at Blackrock Credit Union can provide a low-cost alternative to running up your credit card balance.

Education Loan keyboard_arrow_down


Education can be expensive with fees, books and accommodation… just to name a few of the costs. Our Education loan is here to help with flexible repayments and a great interest rate of 8.2% (8.49% APR). up to €40,000

Debt Consolidation Loan keyboard_arrow_down


Are you looking to consolidate your loans, credit cards or other debt into one loan? If so come and talk to us about a loan up to €40,000 at 10.9% (11.5% APR)