Green Car Loan


If you’re thinking of lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your car emissions with an Electric or Hybrid Car in the near future we’ll soon have a discounted Green Car Loan for you. This new discounted Green Car Loan rate of 6.5% can be used to fund a new or second hand Electric or Hybrid Car as well as a home charger unit if desired. The amount of your Green Car Loan can be up to €75,000 and the loan can be repaid over a term of up to 5 years.

As well as doing your bit for the environment, driving an electric vehicle is great for your pocket too. There are generous grants, reduced toll charges and motor tax rates and registration tax relief for qualifying vehicles.

You may be entitled to a grant from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) if you buy a new electric car. A maximum grant of €3,500 is currently available for qualifying new M1 (passenger car) battery electric vehicles (BEVs) when purchased privately. The grant which ranges from €1,500 to  €3,500 is for approved EVs with a full purchase price of €14,000 to €60,000. Please note that SEAI grants are not available for used EVs.

Please see the SEAI website for further details on the grants available.

You can also claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charger unit at your home. The Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant is a government funded support scheme assisting residents and homeowners to install an electric vehicle charge point on their property. The scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. To receive payment, you must ensure that you use a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor.

Please click on this link for full details on the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant.

We will send full details of this new Green Car Loan when it is launched in October 2023 to all members that we have marketing permissions for. If you would like to update your permissions to ensure you get this information please contact us.

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