Junior Membership

Our aim in Blackrock Credit Union is always to encourage children to save with the credit union.  Learning the importance of saving starts early with a Junior Savings Account. Teaching your child to save for something they want, little by little and watching those savings grow, creates positive habits they’ll carry with them their whole life.

Opening a children’s savings account is important for your child’s future. It means teaching them life skills like planning, budgeting and money management as well as the value of work.

With a Junior Saving’s account with Blackrock Credit Union you will get 

. A savings account that is flexible and built with little savers in mind. Blackrock credit union allows your child to save big or small amounts for holidays, birthdays and everything in between.

. A welcoming place where your child can save with staff that serve them with a smile. At the credit union, we are known for our excellent, award-winning customer service.

. A place for your child’s savings that’s in the heart of the community in Blackrock.

What is a Junior account?

. A Junior is a person under the age of 16

· A Junior’s account can only be a single account and the account is in the name of the Child only

Who can open a Junior account?

· A Parent/Guardian can open an account if the child is under the age of 7

· If the child is 7 years or older, the child must come to the Blackrock Credit Union office with their Parent/Guardian to open an account

What is needed to open a Junior account with Blackrock Credit Union?

The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 (the “Act”) requires Financial Service providers, including Credit Unions, to implement and operate measures to prevent money laundering.

Blackrock Credit Union is legally obliged under the above Actto obtain and hold identification documentation for all its members.

Identification documents required for Junior Membership:

· Birth Certificate or Passport for the child

· Proof of Guardianship (if relevant)

· Permanent address of the Child

. Parent/Guardians Proof of Address

· The PPSN for the child

A child’s PPS Number can be verified via correspondence from the Department of Social Protection or a Medical Card.

Identification documents required for the Parent/Guardian:

· Proof of Identity

· Proof of Address i.e. bank statement, utility bill or correspondence form an official government department

Please note: Anyone can make a lodgement to a Junior account but withdrawals can only be made by the parent/guardian who opened the account up until the child is 7 years of age. Once the child is aged 7 and over they are the only person that can withdraw funds from the account.

For top tips for teaching children how to develop a healthy and responsible attitude to money please click here.

If you have any questions on Junior Membership of Blackrock Credit Union, please call us on 01 283 1034, contact us using the form here or drop in to our office in Blackrock.