Loan Arrears Support

Blackrock Credit Union are committed to supporting any of our members who can not meet their loan repayments at any time. Members circumstances can change for a variety of reasons including sickness and ill health, injury, loss of income or increased energy and household expenses. When you are in debt you may feel stressed and find it hard to think about anything else.

If you have already missed one or more credit union loan repayments or you think that you will struggle to make a loan repayment in the future please contact us immediately.

You can contact us using our Contact Us form, email us on or phone us on 01 2831034. Or if you prefer please drop in to our office in Blackrock to discuss your personal circumstances in confidence and how we can manage the situation and work together to help you to get your finances back in order.

The following websites also provide helpful information on dealing with debt problems

Money Advice & Budgeting Service

Insolvency Service of Ireland